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Maroa Beach

Poke & More
27°46'17.1"N 15°41'46.4"W


Food fo the senses

Maroa Beach offers you serving service in your table or take away. You can also order in the hammock VIP area.


A good option to delay your breakfast o the perfect meal between your breakfast and lunch. Enjoy the fresh drinks, the bread assortment, the sausages, the baked goods.


What are you looking for? Refreshing shakes, juices, smoothies... Or do you prefer something stronger like cocktails, wines, beers...? Or just drink some coffe, infusion, frappelate.

Açai bowl

New in our restaurant, a healthy and fresh option for you.

Hammock service

Relax and enjoy your beach day without moving from your hammock, just order what you want and we will take it to you. We offer you this service with an extra charge of 20% in your final bill.